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A word from Dr. Baker:

Health and fitness are two of my life's passions.This first led me to a life in chiropractic, and now it's led me to Art of Strength Training Center.I always encourage my patients to work at making themselves better today than they were yesterday. I ascribe to that myself and, on my journey, I've found the Art of Strength. I have never found a better workout that is both highly effective and safe for everybody, no matter what fitness level or physical condition.

I first started training with the Art of Strength trainers during the summer of 2010. I'm now a trainer myself and leading classes weekly at the gym. As a trainer, I get to combine the knowledge I have from my profession with the beauty and precision of the Art of Strength tools and techniques.

My goal with any client or patient is to improve structural integrity (i.e. proper body posture in space by having strong, balanced muscles and fully functional joints) which, in turn, improves whole-body function. This blends my worlds perfectly. If you are looking to find that next challenge, or if you have 'treadmill fatigue' at your current gym, OR if you want to get started in a workout regimen that is supportive and exciting, think about joining us!

In addition to leading classes at the Art of Strength, I offer chiropractic services at their location on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please call 612.990.9105 if you'd like to schedule a visit in Edina. You can call the Art of Strength at 952.500.9552 to schedule a gym orientation.


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